Play Sound Files : Deutsch's Phantom Words

These are stereo sound files.
Listen using stereo loudspeakers
(not headphones)

In listening to these stereo illusions through loudspeakers, it is important to have the speakers placed with one to your left and the other to your right.

The speakers should be separated as widely as possible, and you should listen some distance away from them. The effect works particularly well in a classroom or auditorium.

Here is Phantom Word #1. Below are just a few of the words and phrases that people have heard when listening to this example in a good listening space:

window, welcome, love me, run away, no brain, rainbow, raincoat, bueno, nombre, when oh when, mango, window pane, Broadway, Reno, melting, Rogaine

  Phantom Words Example 1 (3.0 MBytes)

Here are six more of Deutsch's Phantom Words:

  Phantom Words Example 2 (3.0 MBytes)

  Phantom Words Example 3 (3.0 MBytes)

  Phantom Words Example 4 (3.0 MBytes)

  Phantom Words Example 5 (3.0 MBytes)

  Phantom Words Example 6 (3.0 MBytes)

  Phantom Words Example 7 (3.0 MBytes)

When listening to these sound files, it is best to use equipment with a flat frequency response, so as to avoid spectral distortion. Features that alter the signal in any way, such as spatialization features, should be turned off. And make sure that the playback amplitude is not too high and that the sounds coming from the two loudspeakers are roughly equal in loudness.

See the Technical Notes for more information.
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